2stone Inferno

2stone Inferno
Item# 2stone-inferno

Product Description

Great pizza is baked with high heat and hot air flow. The Inferno easily reaches and maintains 700-900 F with preheat times as little as 8-10 min.The patented 2stone Inferno incorporates the 2stone pizza grill with the 15 1/2" Fibrament stone. This oven has the same baking performance as the top of the line Pizza Pro, Including the power gear drive. If you have been thinking about a wood fired oven, this oven is a viable replacement at a fraction of the cost. The incredible short preheat time along with the efficiency of this oven make it one of the most energy efficient high temperature pizza and flat bread ovens available. The 2stone Inferno uses the same open door draft system and rotating hearth for superb high temperature baking. The inferno is designed for table top use, or to be set on a built up surface to meet your height requirements.

Includes the following new features:

New improved "Turbo Top" New improved heat recycling barrel top. New front mounted control bar for precise flame adjustment. New stream lined design with front/side trim.

Standard features include:

1. Adjustable sliding burner for air / hearth temp. control. 2. New and improved "Turbo Top" with dual wall spoiler construction and stacked stone and aluminum construction for superior top heat performance and control. 3. Heavy duty rotating stone hearth mounted on a heavy duty steel pan and a 1" solid steel shaft 4. Curved barrel top design, new and improved for greater heat recycling and retention. 5. Designed to be used as a standalone or a built inn. 6. Power gear drive for even motorized rotation. 7. Powerful LP gas burner, hose and regulator. 8. Heavy gauge stainless steel construction, for easy care and low maintenance. 9. Lower front mounted, isolated and conveniently located control bar for easy precise flame adjustment. 10. streamlined stainless steel design including new front/side mounted trim.