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Great pizza is baked with high heat and hot air flow. With the patented "2stone pizza grill" you get both, along with a rotating table to ensure even baking. The double stone design along with the open door allows you to maintain full control of the entire baking process. High quality construction, designed and made in U.S.A. the grill insert is effective with both gas and charcoal. The accessories are especially suited for use with the "2stone pizza grill" and will greatly enhance your pizza baking experience. If you have been thinking of building an authentic wood fired oven, or just want to take your pizza baking to the next level, at a fraction of the cost, the "2stone pizza grill" is the answer.....Please contact me (willard) if you have any further questions.

Here is what some 2stone owners are saying:

BB says.....I just wanted to let everyone know that the 2stone exceded my expectations on just my first try.. it's been what I've been looking for in making a great pizza.. high heat and perfect crust..at first when I opened the package I wasn't that sure but this baby is amazing..on my first pizza it turned out perfect..in 3 minutes the crust was perfectly full of air bubbles and charred crust from the Lehmann recipe that I have tried about 100 times in my oven to no avail.. I didn't have a temp but I bet you it was up to 700 or 800 degrees on my weber propane which only gets up to 450.. 2 warning signs.. when you have the lid open of your gas weber don't grab the handle..I burned my hand something fearst..I just didn't think that the Weber handle would be so hot from the heat coming out of the 2stone.. second is to keep the wheel a spinnin..back part got slightly burnt on the bottom..like Willard said it takes some fine tuning but over all it's perfection..

FVG says.....Have tried my first Pizza's on the 2Stone - with great results. The first one had a crust not quite cooked enough on the bottom. I let the stone heat up a bit more and tried again with much better results.

HG says.....Willard, you were spot on when you said that the 2stone would take my pizzas to the next level... the texture and bake quality was by far better than anything I have attempted so far.

Chas says.....Fired up the 2stone for the first time last night. Cooked 3 pizzas and they were by far the best pies I have made to date. I've been making my own pizzas for the past several of months in my electric oven. The results were ok but this grill has taken the quality of my pizzas to a new level. Crusts and tops were cooked to perfection within 3-4 minutes. The stone heated to 675 degrees within 30 minutes on my Fire Magic. I was considering building an oven, but I don't see any reason to spend the time or money now. These pizzas were great. No longer have to put up with a hot kitchen in the summer. I also like the fact that the 2stone is portable. Perfect to bring along camping or to a gathering at a friend's house. Good design job Willard.